Bricks without straw: a comprehensive history of African Americans in Texas

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Information from Chicago Defender. Army, completion of the Eighth Regiment monument, appointment of Dr.

Bricks Without Straw

Spencer Dickerson as commander of Eighth Regiment. Garner, Edward Joseph. Topics include Eighth Regiment balls, National Guard encampments, 41st annual meeting of the Eighth Regiment, probe of theft of Regiment supplies, appointment of Benjamin Merrill as regiment chaplain. Information from Chicago Defender , Chicago Tribune. Garner, Raymond Watkins, O.

Bunton] 3 Notes on African American soldiers, Garner, Benjamin Jack. Bunton] 2 Notes on African American soldiers, Garner, O. John R. Marshall, October 9, Includes text read by Robert R. Marshall, conducted February 26, Spencer C. Dickerson, M. Topics include Mrs. Information on Colonel Franklin A.

Denison, 8th Regiment. Information from Chicago Defender , August and February Marshall succeeded Maj. Buckner as major of the 9th Battalion. Oggs] 2 Interview with Captain James L.

Hall, medical staff of 8th Regiment and supervisor of clinics, Provident Hospital, conducted June 23, Information from Chicago Defender , December Giles, D. Information from Chicago Defender , Janary 14, Hunton and Kathryn M. Johnson Information from Chicago Defender , April Information from Chicago Defender , January 14, Fricke] 2 Notes on the court-martial of Lieutenant Whittaker. Information from Inter Ocean , March 12, Information from Inter Ocean , November 22, Information from Inter Ocean , April From editorial in Inter Ocean , August Camps in existence in , used by the Illinois National Guard.

Parham, A. Cannon, O.

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Marginal notes by a project supervisor are included. Harper] 8 Notes on the hiring of an African American stenographer by a Virginia shipbuilder. From Inter Ocean , June Pearson, Ardis Harris. Moore of Chicago Urban League. Interview with Marguerita Ward. Page, L. Includes information on National Negro Business League. Washington, from The Negro in Business Lewis, his daughter. Annie M.

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Harper, based on interview with Ms. Information from J. Lewis, Lawyer Rice, Augusta Amous.

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Chase] 4 Notes on Colp, Illinois. Information from Harrisburg Chronicle-Sentinel , June Information from Illinois State Register , April Washington, from The Negro in Business. Includes biographical information on H. Haynes, of Haynes Razor Strop Company. Information on Louis Bates.

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DeVard, N. Glenn] 7 Notes on Madame C. Information from Chicago Defender , March Harper] 4 Notes on Noah Davis Thompson. On the murder of Joseph Spencer in Cairo, Illinois, Williams, B. Information from Inter Ocean , Chicago Tribune. Louis riot, Information from Chicago Defender , East St. Harper, O. Essay centers on the life and work of Ida B.

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Page, P. Bowie, J. Hall, B, Swindall, O. Council, W. Holstein, B. Information from Inter Ocean , February Goodfellow, G. Information from Chicago Evening Journal , March Pinchback, Robert Smalls, Bruce, Simms, M. Congress, Bougere, P. Bougere, M. Council, B. Hall, E. Information from Chicago Evening Journal. Magee supporting presidential candidacy of Senator Shelby Cullom, Information from Quincy Whig.

Louis Index. Falconer, E. Sedberry, A. Casey, J. Louis, Illinois, Information from Sunday Herald , East St. Harris, O. Chase, A. Simpson] 11 Biographical sketch of R. England, Mounds, Illinois [Pulaski County]. Local Record , Shawnee News. Swindall, P. Bowie, L. Information from Chicago Daily News. Information from Chicago Record-Herald.