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Heroine was kind of useless though. She was just really pretty and I guess she was born to just be pretty and have babies. She never worked or did anything particularly nice or admirable or even interesting at all. Nov 22, Missy rated it really liked it. A nice read. Sara goes to stay with her aunt believing that she will be working for her and not realizing that her aunt has a different agenda. Being kinda of naive and innocent she is left reeling under sly innuendoes and untold truths.

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So in enters sexy Jude and the untapped chemistry between them is hot but believing certain misconceptions Sara is left feeling disgusted and guilty about her feelings Jude was unprepared for his feelings for Sara and is left with uncertainty and jealousy. He tries to do what Harriet wants but his feelings for Sara keep getting in the way. Once the truths come out Sara is left reeling in shock and decides to flee I loved the ending of their story A very intense read. Jude, the H was angry with reason.

He had a chip on his shoulder that was the size of a boulder. Sara, the h was unbelievably naive. Harriett, the aunt, is a vindictive witch. She uses the people around her as pawns to get the revenge she believes she is owed. If there was one character I liked it was the housekeeper, Janet.

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She was a cantankerous, crotchety old woman with a sweet spot b A very intense read. She was a cantankerous, crotchety old woman with a sweet spot buried deep in the inside. Her quips made the book slightly better. This is not a book I would read again.

Duelling Fire by Anne Mather

It took too much out of me to finish it the first time around. Very dissatisfying. Oct 02, Toni-Lea Chin rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this one and I've been doing a great deal of reading from Anne Mather. This one in particular left me feeling bubbly inside with that very lovely HEA. I live for sweet HEA. The plot was quite intriguing and quite suspenseful. I was reading and trying to put pieces together until we got the full story.

Definitely recommend. May 20, Tia rated it really liked it.

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Read in November This was a simplistic enough novel about misconceptions and assumptions. It was actually a good read and there was quite a bit of angst there too. I enjoyed the ending and the truth finally coming out. Mar 13, Usagi Tsukino rated it did not like it Shelves: m-f. May 08, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: ebook , read-in , mills-boon-harlequin.

Rating: 3. Deirdre L. Eldridge rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Lena Papanikolaou rated it it was amazing Jun 29, Xandri rated it really liked it Feb 06, Aashna rated it it was ok Mar 19, Karen Cote' rated it really liked it Apr 06, The Circle and The Cross is both the first book in a trilogy and the author's first book.

It may look somewhat intimidating, but it is a remarkably quick read.

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None of Mor's books are available in a US imprint. You may find them in stores that carry or special order imports. It is also available through Amazon UK. For all that the book is marketed as a retelling of Cinderella, that really belittles the story. Levine did indeed use some details from the traditional Cinderella story, as well as blending in a number of fairy tale tropes.

However, there is much more to Ella Enchanted than merely telling the same story, with the same events, in the author's own words. Levine took a very drastic twist on the traditional tale, with some entertaining and tragic results. Levine's has a number of books out now and I look forward to reading more of them I'm really just a very large kid. I've noticed that YA sections of American bookstores are uniformly sloppy and disorganized, so it may be tough to find.

It is popular, as well as being a Newberry award winner, so most bookstores should carry it. I am unsure how available it is elsewhere in the world. It's another YA novel and it was high on the amusement factor. Not exactly stellar writing, but definitely a fun romp, and I would read another of her books. It includes 22 items not in the "Complete" volume published by St. None of these new items is a masterpie ce, but they all have something for the SF reader.

More to the point, you can reread all the great stories HGW wrote when he was putting science fiction into overdrive. Grand Xmas day rereading this.

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  • If you like old pulp, marvelous stuff. Even if you don't, the title story is worth the 32 bucks you shell out. Finally, damn few trade publishers manufacture books this well any more. Haffner Press deserves all the support it can be given for starting this series. This collects seventeen of Clement's stories, again in a superbly manufactured volume, fit for the quality of the stories. That none of them ever grabbed the awards that seem to make such a difference inliterary valuations these days is a damn disgrace.

    Buy all these books. You won't be sorry. These have made a fine reading year all by themselves. I have the feeling I've recommended this author before, but I don't remember for sure, so here goes. They're exceedingly neat.

    The back cover is just a big picture of Gibson. I assume that the hardcover had some inner-jacket copy about the plot Jason: Maybe book pushers are like political advisors; they think the less you know about a book or candidate, the more likely you will be to buy it. Why narrow an audience by giving away any details which might turn some readers off?

    Not supporting the practice, mind you. Just trying to make some sense of it. Many genre books, when reduced to plot, sound cliched, and yet they can still be good books if the realization of that plot is fresh, the characters are intriguing, or its just really violent joke. If publishers know that people like me exist, they might not do the synopsis thing.

    Some people were talking about reviews, marketing blurbs, and plot synopses earlier, and I would like to broach the subject again, if I may.

    Duelling Fire

    Personally, I don't read reviews to determine if a book movie, etc. Of course, when the review is reduced to a few words on the back of a book "A tour de force! But then, that's what plot synopses are for. Which brings me to another point: every once in a while a book is published that has no plot synopsis, and the book reviews give no clue to the book's contents either.

    As I said, no plot synopsis, the reviews weren't any help, and I could gather nothing through skimming the pages. A more widely known example would be Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. Pick up any volume, read the back, and you get some mystical mumbo jumbo about "The Wheel of Time turns and ages, come and go," blah, blah, blah. My question: how can one be expected to buy a book if one has no idea what the book is about? What possesses publishers to put out these books few though they are in this way? Allen, Oxford University Press, Have not been able to find any criticism online for free.

    Good luck. I liked it all, and I must admit that I took great heart when King gave his opinions about plotting. I come up with marvelous plots before I write any story, but invariably my pesky characters decide that they're not going to cooperate. So I wind up plotting on the fly most of the time anyway. By the way, I didn't read the book.

    Just listened to it. The audio version is about eight hours long, and is great. It felt like I was having a personal conversation with Steven King over a series of days in my kitchen On the other hand, I read his section about "plotted" stories -- and I was saying, Okay, what do you mean? What is a plotted story, and how does it differ from what you are recommending instead? Just finished Stephen King's On Writing.