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The corpus examples are classified into two main groups: 1. Figurative Language comprises colour words in similes, synaesthetic metaphors, idioms, fixed expressions and metonymies. The remaining corpus examples are classified into 2. Semantic Domains, based on the semantic criteria of their collocates. Three of the semantic domains Space, Behaviour, and Emotional and mental states and experiences consist entirely of metaphorical instances. In fictional texts, colour words are remarkably frequent when used in collocations with concrete reference. By contrast, the three metaphorical semantic domains and the instances representing Figurative Language make up only examples.

It is not surprising that the two closely related languages share the basic colour system. Still, the present analysis demonstrates that different colour terms are used to refer to universal concepts such as the sun, the sky, love and hate. Although metaphors and other figures of speech are not particularly common, the thesis concludes that colour words nonetheless convey figurative meanings.

Colour terms.

Incidentally, the results of the analysis may have been influenced by the translator s idiolect or the fact that the ENPC consists of text fragments alone. Search all of DUO.

Color Names: Useful List of Colors/ Colours in English with Color Images

Only this Collection. Pictichromis porphyrea , the Magenta dottyback. Hoplolatilus purpureus , the Purple sand tilefish.

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Chromis atripectoralis , the Black-axil chromis. Gymnothorax funebris , the Green moray. Pseudochromis fuscus , the Brown dottyback.

Colour Words in English and Norwegian : A Corpus Study

Chaetodontoplus melanosoma , the Black-velvet angelfish. Melichthys niger , the Black triggerfish. Hypoplectrus nigricans , the Black hamlet. Variola albimarginata , the White-edged lyretail. General colour terms. Enchelycore carychroa , the Caribbean chestnut moray.

Echidna nebulosa , the Snowflake moray. Antennarius pictus , the Painted frogfish. Synodus variegatus , the Variegated lizardfish. Latin, cruento.

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Latin, flamma. Latin, minio.

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Latin, rubeo. Latin, rubrico. Latin, aurantius. Latin, citrus. Latin, flavesco. Latin, flavus. Latin, fulvus. Cephalopholis fulva , the Coney. Latin, galbus. Latin, caeruleus. Latin, caelestis. Latin, glaucus. Latin, lividus. Latin, ianthinus. Latin, ater. Centropyge ferrugata , the Rusty angelfish.

Latin, niger. Latin, nigrico. Neoglyphidodon nigroris , the Black-and-gold chromis. Serranus tabacarius , the Tobaccofish. Latin, albus. Monodactylus argenteus , the Silver moony. Amphiprion leucokranos , the Whitebonnet anemonefish. Chromis nitida , the Barrier reef chromis.