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The story was told through a wounded body. I propose, however, that there is a shift from the way in which La Pleurante embodies the pain of the twentieth century in its entirety in Central Europe through the trope of wounding, to a use of illness to more specifically map out Communist era losses through the body in the other three Czech texts. The first of these is muteness, manifested not only by individual characters, but also by the figure of the weeping woman and indeed by the city of Prague itself, whose buildings are not only neglected and broken but also imbued with a human quality of sorrowful silence.

These images of brokenness and dilapidation specifically relate to the Communist era policy of erasing cultural memory by neglecting or even destroying historical buildings. Other than this sound of tears that emanates from her body, the weeping woman, like the buildings of Prague, is silent, never uttering a word. Each and every one of these friends has been stripped of their former employment and relegated to some insignificant, menial position: the jazz saxophonist Viktor now tends central heating systems in the gloom of apartment basements p.

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The question therefore arises as to whether, in the image of blindness, Germain is similarly judging the responsibility of the Czech nation, and, if so, what this means in the light of her status as an external, non-Czech observer. The key to answering the first part of this question lies in the particular nature of the imagery used by Germain to describe the afflicted nation.

In her work on the use of the body as a trope in literatures in German emerging from the former Eastern Bloc, Lyn Marven has described how totalitarian regimes maintained social control by implementing an appropriation of the individual body in such a way that it effectively becomes the property of the state pp. And he laughed and laughed] p. And one after the other the protagonists go forwards on their quest towards a hopeful outcome, towards a light. I have argued that, as well as using structures and tropes which revolve around the notion of a productive encounter with the other, these texts can themselves be interpreted as the site of an ethical encounter with the Czech other and a means of returning an identity and a voice to the marginalised and silenced.

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It is, however, important to note that the process of opening oneself up to the other, and to the change that may proceed from that encounter, may also be a process of pain or conflict. Frank recognises three primary types of narrative pp. In his essay on exile, Edward Said draws attention to the words of the twelfth-century monk Hugo St. Whilst St.


The teller returns as one who is no longer ill but remains marked by illness […]. Prokop drifted on the murmuring swell of the world, on the sparkling eddies of reality, with the night at his stern and the unknown uncharted ahead of him… Prokop felt a true sense of kinship with that child he had met whose head was full of crazy ideas, whose heart was fickle, and who walked with a faltering step, — humanity was his prodigal sister. See Garfitt For a summary of its history, see Martin Winstone Note that jazz was an art form despised and banned by the regime because of its association with freedom movements.

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Advertisement Hide. Download PDF. Open Access. First Online: 13 January Overwhelmed by incomprehension, the man is unable to articulate a response, and yet his body speaks for him. Et puis un dessert […] Encore du porc, et des patates […] du poisson. And then a dessert… More pork, some potatoes… some fish. I ate until I was stuffed, sick] p. Two points can be drawn from this involuntary corporeal response: firstly, as Davis observes, absence of response in the face of such suffering or its memory is not an ethical option, since, not to speak for those who have been silenced, not to recall or to study what happened to them in the hope of learning something from their stories, would be an act of barbarity in itself, hideously complicit with the forces which sought to eliminate them p.

A closer look at the manner in which she represents her own presence in Czechoslovakia in terms of narrative voice serves to reinforce my argument. He bore its marks on his body] p. Sa jambe gauche est beaucoup plus courte que la droite. Her left leg was much shorter than her right. It was an effort to walk] p. They are like the names engraved on memorial walls] p. In this passage, relating to the Holocaust, Germain draws attention to the phenomenon of disbelief, which could be described as a form of blindness, that caused many to turn their eyes away from the realities and suffering being perpetrated; she points out, moreover, that we continue to blind ourselves to countless crimes today.

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London and New York: Routledge. Davis, Colin.

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Levinas: An introduction. Oxford: Polity Press.

Martin Modlinger, and Philipp Sonntag, 19— Oxford: Peter Lang. Diatkine, Anne. Tobie or not Tobie. Dotan, Isabelle. Dotan, Isabelle, and Jacqueline Michel. Esbenshade, Richard S.

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It is the Procession of the Fox or the Feast of burial place of the illustrious dead. It is the city within a city, the the Donkey. We may add that an identical scene is illuminated in intellectual and moral centre, the heart of public activity, the folio 40 of manuscript no. Finally there were some bizarre events in which a hermetic This host of bristling monsters, of grotesques and comic figures, meaning, often a very precise one, was discernible. These were held of masks, of menacing gargoyles, dragons, vampires and tarasques, every year, with the Gothic church as their theatre.

Examples all these were the secular guardians of an ancestral patrimony. Here This day is the celebrated day of celebrated days! Top with the outline of a Tau or Cross. In cabalistic language, sabot This day is the feast day of feast days! Witkowski, L'Art profane h I'Eglise. Paris, Schemit. The Epiphany cake sometimes contains a , p. They cling to the steeples, to the pinnacles, to the flying buttresses. It was there that they assessed probabilities and discussed possi- They hang from the coving, fill the niches. They transform the bilities and studied on the spot the allegory of the Great Book.

Not windows into precious stones and endow the bells with sonorous the least animated part of these gatherings was the abstruse vibrations. They expand on the church front into a glorious explo- explanation of the mysterious symbols all around them. Nothing could be more secular than In the steps of Gobineau de Montluisant, Cambriel and all the the exotericism of this teaching; nothing more human than this rest, we shall undertake the pious pilgrimage, speak to the stones profusion of quaint images, alive, free, animated and picturesque, and question them.

It is almost too late. The vandalism of sometimes in disorder but always vivid with interest.

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There is Soufflot has to a large extent destroyed what the SoufFleurs7 could nothing more moving than these multiple witnesses to the daily admire in the sixteenth century. And if art owes some gratitude to life, the taste, the ideals, the instincts of our fathers. Above all those eminent architects Toussaint, Geffroy Dechaume, Boeswill- there is nothing more captivating than the sybolism of the ancient wald, Viollet-le-Duc and Lassus, who restored the basilica so alchemists, so ably translated by these modest medieval statues.

In odiously profaned, Science will never again find what it has this connection Notre Dame of Paris, the Philosophers' church, is lost. Indeed I shall consider myself satisfied and hieroglyph. Marcel or else at the little PorteRouge, all decorated with the meaning of the secrets hidden under the petrified exterior of salamanders. Denys Zachaire tells us that this custom was followed this wondrous book of magic.

Paris, Gosselin, Armenian bishop and traveller. This author says that the porch of Some have claimed-wrongly-that it came from the Goths, the Notre-Dame of Paris was as resplendent as the gates of Paradise.

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Purple, ancient Germanic people. Others alleged that the word, suggesting rose, azure, silver and gold were to be seen there. Traces of gilding may still be seen at the top of the tympanum of the great portal. Such is the laws, the tramps and the wanderers. Cant is the cursed dialect, opinion of the classical school, imbued with the decadent principles banned by high society, by the nobility who are really so little of the Renaissance.

But truth, preserved in the speech of the common noble , the well-fed and self-satisfied middle class, luxuriating in the people, has ensured the continued use of the expression gothic art, ermine of their ignorance and fatuity.