The Economics of Saving

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This framework allows us to better understand the factors that led to the Great Recession and the dilemma of a repeat of this kind of unsustainable process or secular stagnation. Sustainable growth requires a decrease in income inequality, an improvement in the external position, and a relaxation of the fiscal stance of the government.

The National Saving and Investment Identity

Download: Working Paper No. Publications Working Paper No. Working Paper No. Michalis Nikiforos. Many small businesses have complained about the difficulty in getting loans in the aftermath of the global financial crisis Savings flow into pension funds — these can be reinvested in stock markets providing funds for businesses that need to raise capital to finance expansion plans.

The Paradox of Thrift The paradox of thrift is an important idea from Keynesian economics.

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The National Saving and Investment Identity – Principles of Economics 2e

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National savings and investment - Financial sector - AP Macroeconomics - Khan Academy

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Saving Economics from the Economists

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