The Rudolf Mössbauer Story: His Scientific Work and Its Impact on Science and History

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He retained this position until he became professor emeritus in As a condition for his return, the faculty of physics introduced a "department" system.

My introduction to Neutron Scattering from 1961

Until the end of his career, he often expressed bitterness over this "destruction of the department. In , he gave undergraduate lectures to people taking the physics course. The most important thing is, that you are able to explain it! You will have exams, there you have to explain it. Eventually, you pass them, you get your diploma and you think, that's it! So learn to explain it! You can train this by explaining to another student, a colleague.

The Rudolf Mössbauer Story

If they are not available, explain it to your mother — or to your cat! They had a son, Peter and two daughters Regine and Susi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The importance of Kuhn's paper, however, lies in his attempt to rationalise his 'non-result'. He noted:. As a source, Moon used a rotor, the tips of which were electroplated with gold.

He then exposed liquid mercury Hg contained in an iron funnel to the radiation from the approaching tip of the rotor. Using an astonishingly high rotor tip speed of 7 x 10 4 cm s -1 , Moon recorded 'a small but significant increase in scattering within the mercury '. At about the same time as Moon was doing his experiments, Karl Malmfors at the University of Stockholm, was trying an alternative approach, which was based on something Kuhn had said earlier.

Malmfors heated the gold with a welding flame, and the detector recorded an increase in count-rate. This led him to report The condition for a resonance effect is fulfilled in those cases when the thermal velocity component in the direction towards the scatterer the mercury is such that the recoil is compensated'. However, though both Moon's and Malmfors' results were positive, they were scarcely outside the range of experimental error.

The Mössbauer effect and water on Mars

More work would have to be done to convert these beginnings into an acceptable analytical tool. He studied physics at the Technische Hochschule, Munich, where he received his BSc degree in physics in and his Masters in After a period of study at the Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg , he received his PhD in and returned as a research fellow to Munich University. He then accepted a fellowship at the California Institute of Technology in Four years later he again returned to Munich as a professor.

Still pursuing the notion of temperature and the degree of overlap between the absorption and emission lines, Maier-Leibnitz was keen that his student should follow Malmfors' method in achieving overlap at higher temperatures. He reasoned that though the overlap would be less, an acceptable temperature dependency might be observed. He anticipated that 'decreasing the temperature should give a reduced overlap of emission and absorption lines, resulting in an increase in transmitted line'.

Increased resonance fluorescence was occurring. He described the phenomenon picturesquely This situation is The majority of the energy is submitted to the stone, but a small amount goes into the kinetic energy of the recoiling boat. During the summer time, the boat will simply pick up this recoil energy. If, however, the person throws the stone during winter time, with the boat frozen into the lake, then practically all energy is going into the stone thrown and only a negligible amount is submitted to the boat.

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The entire lake will, thus, take up the recoil and this procedure occurs as recoilless rocess. Cannon on firm ground firing at target. The bell-shaped curve represents the distribution of the shells around the target. Cannon is now on the lake. Recoil makes the shots fall short of target by the recoil distance, R. The cannon is floating on a choppy lake.

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Recoil occurs and the shells fall short of the same recoi l distance R. But his home university was determined to win back the Munich-born physicist, offering him a professorship in The new physics building was ultimately completed in Technical University of Munich Tel. Find more topics on the central website of the Technical University of Munich: www.

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  • Menu Close Menu. Congratulations to Mars Exploration Rovers. Image: Shutterstock. In this interview, he does not only talk about how he managed to make his decisive discovery — but also compares the research conditions of the US and Germany at the time, and calls for stronger international exchange in sience. Source: Deutsche Welle. More discoveries and inventions spanning years of TUM.

    Mössbauer, Rudolf L. (Rudolf Ludwig) 1929-

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